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Serving families and fishermen since 1926. Since opening in 1926, Knoepfli Inn has had three owners, The Pagets who built the Inn and most of the buildings on the property. The Paget family operated the Inn until 1947, when Lorne Thompson and his family took over and operated the Inn until the end of 1971 summer season. From that point on, the Kolman family has continued to run the Inn in the old traditional manner. The year 2021 is the 50th season in the Kolman family and the current owner, Bea Kolman has been there all 50 years.

History of Knoepfli Inn.

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The current owner Bea Kolman often jokes that this is the most expensive Christmas present her parents ever bought her when she was the ripe old age of six in 1971. Bea still runs the Inn in the tradition with which it started in 1926.