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Knoepfli Inn is a beautiful place where you can relax and let your cares drift away to the sound of water splashing over rocks. My wife and I spent many weekends there during the eighties and early nineties and have  many fond memories of each and every visit. The meals served are like home cooking and most guests are close by when the dinner bell rings. We decided to revisit the Inn one more time as we have not been there since 1991 due to health issues. They say that you can’t go back as it will never be the same. That’s not true. It felt like we were coming home.

S & P Wilkinson

This will be our 22nd season. Won't spend our summer vacation anywhere else. Fishing is phenomenal, grounds are gorgeous, great swimming, love this place.

D Simpson

Our favorite summer vacation spot since 1998 and have yet to miss a year! Quality family time spent fishing, swimming, boating, frog catching and enjoying nature at its best.

The Cammaert Family

Been going to Knoepfli Inn and visiting Bea for 28 years. My favorite place north of the south pole. (In 2017 we will introduce the newest member of our family (and next generation) to the Inn)

S & C Badali

For almost 10 years artists of KAGS (Kwartha Artists Gallery and Studio, Outdoor Painter's Group) have been welcomed to the Knoepfli Inn during the Fall season. The Inn is situated in the Parry Sound district near the town of Magnetawan. As Artists, we have taken advantage of the spectacular scenery and fall colours as inspiration to develop our artwork in a beautiful natural setting There is everything for the artist right around the Inn without having to travel any farther.

We, as artists who participate in this annual event, recommend this, as an affordable and valuable getaway.


Kwartha Artists Outdoor Painters Group




Family...means many things to many people. 2015 marked the passing of our mother so it seemed even more important, to me, that my family congregate and enjoy being together. We are a large where can we go? We went to Knoepfli Inn. Bea Kolman was really good to my family. She allowed us to change the set up of the dining room (several times) to allow us to sit and eat, as a family, at one table...and at one point we were 27 people! Bea served us wonderful home cooked meals and desserts and we all enjoyed her specialty dish of schnitzel. Not only did Bea cook and serve us she also sat with us and we enjoyed hearing about the history of this grand old Knoepfli Inn. Bea knew of the relationship we had with our mother and and she certainly helped us enjoy this week that we had dedicated to her. We sat in the sun, we swam, we walked, we had bonfires, and we fished...boy did we fish! Everybody, including a not quite 2 year old, caught fish! We had a wonderful time and look forward to doing it again in the future. Thank you, Bea, for all your hard work and compassion. It was an awesome time had by all of the family.


Hynes Family Reunion

The Falls, lake, river, nature, fishing, boating, swimming and 3 square meals....... Love it!

D Irwin and family








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